poland - Wednesday October 31 Basic Facts Wednesday...

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Wednesday, October 31 Basic Facts Wednesday, November 7 Democratization and Democratic Consolidation o Democratization: Political changes moving in a democratic direction From less accountable to more accountable gov’t From less competitive (or non-existent) to free, fair, and competitive elections From restricted to protected civil and political rights From weak to developed and autonomous civil society o Democratic consolidation: Stabilization of an existing new democratic regime The process by which a new democracy matures in a way that makes a return to authoritarianism unlikely, even in the face of challenges to the democratic regime o How can societies be democratized o How can a new democracy be “consolidated”? For a democracy to become consolidated and legitimate, it must realize key goals in several arenas: political, civil society, rule of law, etc What triggers Democratization? o Pressure of external actors E.g. Allied occupation in Germany, role of World Bank, “regime change” in Iraq o Breakdown of authoritarian regimes E.g. unexpected breakdown of USSR
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poland - Wednesday October 31 Basic Facts Wednesday...

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