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Sport Psychology Lecture Notes - Sport Psychology Lecture...

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Sport Psychology Lecture Notes: I. What is sport psychology? A. Study of human behavior in sport settings – they focus on preparing the mind of the athlete. As covered in your textbook, the early history of sport psychology was dominated by physical education, sport psychology has now evolved into an interdisciplinary field involving sport scientist from disciplines such as physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, and psychology. Today we are going to focus on applied sport psychology – specifically educational sports psychologists who focus on psychological skills training - They ask 2 fundamental questions: i. What does participation in sport have on psychological growth and development in a person? 1. are individuals who participate in sports better leaders as a result or are they more aggressive ii. How do psychological factors influence the learning and performance of sport skills? 1. how does confidence affect athlete skills or what role does criticism or praise play in an athlete’s performance II. Sacking Sports Myths B. Myth 1 – Sport psych focuses on sick or mentally ill athletes i. Sport psychologists are trained to work with a minority of athletes who experience mental illness. However, the vast majority of players are not mentally ill. Work with normal athletes and assist them in developing the mental skills needed to perform better and achieve their sport objectives. –e.g. help a kicker develop better concentration skills, or learn to control their frustration after a blow block C. Myth 2 – Sports psych focuses on only elite athletes i. Wrong sport psych focuses on all athletes C. Myth 3 Mental skills are inherited characteristics that cannot be changed i. mental skills are like physical skills and can be acquired when one receives instruction about the and practices them on a regular basis. D. Myth 4 – Sport Psychology is a quick fix
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Sport Psychology Lecture Notes - Sport Psychology Lecture...

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