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Key issues to study from Midterm 1 because the final will continue some of the following material (yes it’s cumulative): 1) Key factors of the U.S. system – How is better or worse than a single payer system? What are common problems across all national health systems? 2) What are some current trends in the delivery of care? (example: shift from inpatient care to outpatient care) 3) How is the U.S. becoming a more perfect market? (less market imperfections) 4) Objectives of Managed Care – what did it try to do and how did it try do it? 5) How are physicians reacting to declining reimbursement?
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Insurance. What are the different forms of reimbursement? How are the government and private insurance trying to pass off more costs to the customer? 7) Increased Medical Technology – advantages and disadvantages 8) Benefits of Group Practices for physicians and patients 9) Hospitals. Current problems facing them. What strategies they are using to improve their financial outlooks? 10) Differences between Medicaid and Medicare (financing, coverage). Know all parts of Medicare. How is Medicare Part D passing on more costs to the patient?...
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