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final study guide - Section I The Zoo Story Edward Albee...

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Section I The Zoo Story – Edward Albee (1 st play) Peter (St. Peter) vs. Jerry (Jesus) Off-Off Broadway Los Vendidos – Luis Valdez “The Sell-outs” Chicano/a theatre Angels in America – Tony Kushner “A Gay Fantasia on National Themes” Define and identify “America” Millennium Approaches – not about the past “breaks the mold of society, unapologetically” Marisol – Jose Riviera The America Play – Suzan Lori-Parks Skin – Naomi Iizuka Section II Off-Broadway – DE-CENTRALIZATION “Fall of Broadway” (1950’s) 1. TV 2. economics/cost – SAFE 3. luxury Off-Off Broadway (1960’s) ABSURDISTS Cutting edge drama Experimentation/artistic expression Engendered social and political theory o Caffé Cino (1958) – Joseph Cino, coffee house, 8x8 stage o La Ma Ma ETC (Experimental Theatre Co.) (1961) Multicultural/international Performance art Nurture originality o Living Theatre Ensemble, movement, “ritualistic” o Open Theatre Joseph Chaikin Group dynamic Absurdism – lie, void of logic, “God” is DEAD, unreality of routine, into understanding modern universe, experience of living in it! (1961) Martin Esslin – theatre critic, trying to define new plays Not based on cause/effect - void linear plot Caricatures/characters types, representative/recognizable Rejection of literal Edward Albee Examination of American scene Attack on artifice of “the real” o Attack surface quality, “mask of society” Stand vs. the world mentality that everything is “peachy keen” plays are autobiographical
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DREAM (ideal) NIGHTMARE (reality) Hope of returning to normalcy Commercial escapism Allows nostalgia Put yourself in a better place Revival mentality Conflict suppressed Musicals Melodrama (good vs. evil) Safe Convenient “White” Psychology Lack of rational thought Loneliness World that lacks a center
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final study guide - Section I The Zoo Story Edward Albee...

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