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The Gulf War - o On morning of 27 th Egyptian troops enter...

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The Gulf War 1990-91 Air War January 15, 1991 Saddam had a series of underground bunkers which were how he was able to stay alive. Tank divisions loyal to Saddam, from Tikrit, Sunnis, suspicious of others Scud Attacks o Beginning January 18 Iraq begins firing scud missiles at Israel o Then at Saudi Arabia Punish the Saudis for aiding the Americans o Israel wasn’t even taking part in the war Thought it would draw them in Only could participate in air war Would not give up IFF code to distinguish between friend and foe Saddam offers to Withdraw o In February Saddam offers to withdraw from Kuwait in one month Due to intensive US bombing Smart Bombs o The US Demands he withdraw in 7 days February 24, ground war begins Battle of Burqan o Maj. Gen. Mahmoud, III Corps Commander, mounts vigorous battle against advancing Marines at the Burqan oil fields o Royal Guard fought well
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Tanks Sunni Tikrit o Infantry fought poorly Rural Shiite Conscripts Poorly treated Iraqis leave o By evening of February 26, Iraqi troops had left Kuwait City
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Unformatted text preview: o On morning of 27 th Egyptian troops enter the city first Bush didn’t want to make it seem like an American invasion of Kuwait o Iraqis began to surrender due to total American Superiority • Aftermath o Shiite rebellion Basra Najaf Karbala Amara o Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq Badr Corps (trained by Iranian Revolutionary Guards) o Da’wa Capital crime to be part of the party o Kurds – Peshmerga (Paramilitary) o Bush calls on Iraqis to rise up against Saddam o Bath party overthrown o But then Iraqi military reasserts itself using helicopters and tanks, killing Shiites • Class-sect running Iraq, Sunni Arabs mostly from Tikrit o Minority Regime o Apartide o Sunni cities much nicer than Shiite cities • Couldn’t Help Shiites – Potential ally of Iran • Could Help Kurds if they stayed neutral • Dual Containment on Iraq and Iran...
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The Gulf War - o On morning of 27 th Egyptian troops enter...

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