case study 2 revised

case study 2 revised - Marketing and Promotion 1 Case Study...

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Marketing and Promotion 1 Case Study #2 Ryan Frazier RPTS 202 October 31, 2007
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Marketing and Promotion 2 CASE STUDY #2 MARKETING AND PROMOTION INTRODUCTION By understanding the process Gig ‘em Resort will utilize to market new amenities, it is suggested that new mediums be used to promote these new amenities. Gig ‘em Resort should target golfers, tennis players, and boaters because these markets are proven to be substantial, exploitable, identifiable, and durable. Although some aspects of the marketing plan may not be used, it is important to understand the marketing plan because it helps outline how Gig ‘em Resort can promote itself to a wide variety of people. Marketing Plan: Business Objectives simple, measurable, realistic Analyzing Marketing Conditions demography, social/cultural, technology, economy, politics, natural environment Analyzing the Competition who, what, where and how are they Identifying Target Markets = Market Mix substantial, exploitable, identifiable, durable Marketing Strategy - Marketing Mix document, decide, differentiate, design, deliver Budget Allocation needs to be flexible in case of change Implementation & Evaluation evaluation is continuous AMENITY #1 The first service which I believe will be beneficial to Gig ‘em Resorts is revamping its golfing facilities. Since research has revealed that golfers are more likely to revisit if experiences are high, (Petrick & Backman, 2001) it is believed that the message delivered to promote the new facilitates should portray how different a golf vacation at Gig 'em Resort is from other
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case study 2 revised - Marketing and Promotion 1 Case Study...

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