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Debate Topics Statements to debate: Each statement has a corresponding case study (see next pages) to give you a better idea of how this technology or concept might be used. 1. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) should be allowed so parents can select embryos with or without genetic traits, depending on the parents’ choice. 2. Consideration of a patients’ race should be used as a basis for medical care since it is a proxy for medically relevant genetic background. 3. A physician who determines that his patient has a genetic disorder should be obligated to disclose this information to family members who might also carry the disorder, regardless of his patient’s wishes. 4. The patenting of human DNA sequences should be restricted. 5. Insurance companies should be allowed access to genetic information when determining life insurance rates, payouts, and eligibility. 6. Terminator seeds should be globally available. 7. The state of Washington should take DNA samples and record ‘genetic fingerprints’ from all people arrested.
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CASE STUDIES : 1. Jay and Karla are a married deaf couple. They both work for the Northwest School for Hearing Impaired Children as teachers. They love kids, they love teaching, and they love being part of the Deaf Community. Their lives as deaf individuals are much more influenced by visual stimuli than those of hearing individuals; deaf culture essentially differs from what many consider the “norm” – hearing life. Sometimes it can be difficult for hearing and deaf to traverse in the alternate community. Jay and Karla decide that they are ready to have some children of their own. They decide that they would really rather have children who are deaf, like themselves, so that they can relate more directly to their children and share their community and culture. They seek out the assistance of Dr. Smith, an expert in the technique of PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). He analyzes the DNA of several of
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debate_topics - Debate Topics Statements to debate: Each...

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