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ps2ans - Problem Set 2 Answers Problem Set 2 Due Monday 2...

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Problem Set 2 Answers Problem Set 2 Due Monday April 13, 2009 2 points for each question 1) a. Using the wheel or table provided in lecture write the sequence of an mRNA molecule that could encode the following amino acid sequence: methionine- leucine-glycine-proline-arginine-cysteine. For amino acids that can be encoded by more than one codon, simply choose one. 5'-AUG-CUG-GGA-CCU-AGG-UGC-3' b. Write both strands of the DNA molecule from which the mRNA was ranscribed. 5'-ATG-CTG-GGA-CCT-AGG-TGC-3' 3'-TAC-GAC-CCT-GGA-TCC-ACG-5' . Delete the second base of the glycine codon and retranslate your mRNA. 5'-AUG-CUG-GAC-CUA-GGU-GC-3' Met-Leu-Asp-Leu-Gly-*Ala* *Not always possible to tell, nor required for full credit.\ NOTE: the degeneracy of the triplet code allowed for myriad correct answers, this is j one example. 2) Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is caused by mutations in the gene ncoding the protein dystrophin. One in 3,500 newborn males is affected, making it one of the more common Mendelian disorders. Affected males suffer from progressive skeletal muscle wasting. The gene lies on the X chromosome and spans more than 2,000,000 base pairs. The gene has 79 exons and produces one of the argest proteins in the human genome with many different splice forms. One of its
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