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History 10-21

History 10-21 - 1st Arab-Israeli War(1948-49 2nd 3rd...

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1 st Arab-Israeli War (1948-49) 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th -- Golan Heights is the only high ground in Middle East at this time. It’s like Appalachian Mountains, not Rockies. - At the end of war, Jews had 80% of old Palestine, new Israel. They didn’t have West Bank, Gaza Strip, and half the city of Jerusalem. Population in new Israel: 800,000; Population in Gaza Strip and West Bank: 800,000 Israel had no friends in its neighborhood; nobody talked to Israel. - During 1949-1956 (1 st and 2 nd war), there were many border skirmishes. There was no widespread fighting, though. This was all going to change after Nasser came to power in Egypt. Nasser seizes power in 1954. One of the first things he did was to declare that the Arabs would take responsibility for themselves. Over the next three years, he offends Israel, GB, and Fr. He organized commando-style guerilla units that he attacked across the border from Sinai into Israel. Today, we’d call them terrorists. He managed to offend the British by seizing and nationalizing the Suez Canal. He offended the French because, beginning in early 1950s in Algeria, there began a revolt here against French rule. There was a group called the FLM, who received arms and money from Nasser. Without this help from Nasser, the French would have kept the situation under control somewhat or entirely. In summer 1956, leaders of these three countries, Anthony Eden (GB), Gene Mollet (Fr), David Ben Gurion (Israel), asked US quietly, “What would your position be if we go against Nasser”? We replied we wouldn’t have anything to do with it. At this time, US foreign policy was trying to appeal to non-alliance countries and gain their friendship. We were against regime change. October 24, 1956, the three men met secretly and signed a pact: they would attack Egypt, overthrow Nasser, and impose a different government (regime change). Israel would launch an assault against Sinai Peninsula. Eventually, they’d get the Suez Canal. Great Britain
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and France would blame it on the guerilla. Once they reach Suez, they’ll say “oh, it’s in danger”, so they’d send their troops in. They’d seize control of the major Egyptian locations. That would end commando raids, return Suez Canal, and no more support in Algeria. If it would have succeeded, we might not see any more terrorism. This was the first example of modern terrorism. October 29, 1956- Israel launched attack among Sinai Peninsula with a great deal of justification against guerilla attacks. October 30- British and French governments were shocked that there might be fighting that would affect the Suez Canal, and declared that they’d have to intervene.
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History 10-21 - 1st Arab-Israeli War(1948-49 2nd 3rd...

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