History 10-9

History 10-9 - In 1971 alone, 3 stars of the...

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In 1971 alone, 3 stars of the counter-culture died young. Earlier than this, 4 months after Woodstock: August 1969, Altamont Speedway- Outside San Francisco. The attraction would be the Rolling Stones. Almost as many came here as to Woodstock. However, Altamont had lots of violence. Hundreds of concert-goers had to be treated for bad drug-trips. One of them climbed up to a freeway overpass and decided to fly. Worst of all, the organizers of the concert thought it was a wise thing to hire the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang to keep order. They were paid $500 and all the beer they could drink. They hit anyone who seemed to be making any disturbance. When one man tried to come onto the stage, they stomped him to death in front of everyone. There were 4 deaths at Altamont. That was the only one on the stage, though. The advertising culture picked up on Counter-culture. Advertisers created Virginia Slims, women cigarettes. Oldsmobile marketed its cars as young mobiles. The number two beverage drinkers advertised that it was the Pepsi generation. The first man to walk upon the moon, N. Armstrong, embodied the conflict between the old and the new. When he landed on the moon, he brought with him the badge of his college fraternity, phi delta theta. It was the triumph of the squares. Yet, Neil said that the move into orbit ‘was like perfect’ when making the last round. The head of FBI was J. Edgar Hoover (the first FBI head). Agents were required to be clean-shaven, plain white shirts with dark jackets. One week after Hoover was buried, the new FBI allowed people to wear colored shirts, beard, and FBI recruited women, blacks, Native Americans, and anyone else who could do the job. This had not been the case under Hoover. Early 60s to early 70s, there was a significant amount of change. -- Tropic Lightning Discussion: It feels authentic. Most military history is from the top down. You learn about it from the generals point of view instead of the ‘lowly’ soldiers. We’re asking you to synthesize the interviews. We learn the terrain, climate, weapons, living conditions, the way the war was fought, the morale,
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History 10-9 - In 1971 alone, 3 stars of the...

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