History 9-30

History 9-30 - One 8.5 bluebook unmarked (not even name)....

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One 8.5 bluebook unmarked (not even name). Stack it up on desk as you come in. Midterm: Oct 9 2 essay questions, 1 from each book. You must answer each one. Each will be worth 25% of the midterm exam. Yikes! 3 bluebook pages to answer the essays. (front, back, front.) Write brief but well developed. Every generalization must be backed up by specific fact. Ex. NSA conducts operations using SigInt…give example. If it is not backed up by evidence, it is worth nothing. 50% Short Answer questions from notes (Identify). Give Who, what, where, when, why is it important. He’ll put 8 on there , choose 5, each worth 10 points. --- June 1965- Nguyen Van Thieu and Nguyen Cao Ky (airforce) begin running government, S. Vietnamese. Johnson administration was eager to assist, escalate involvement. Number of American military personnel: 1963 15,000 1964 20,000 1965 150,000 +15,000SK 1966 389,000 +30,000 SK/ Aus/NZ/Phil/ Thai 1967 490,000+ 50,000 allied troops 1968 540,000 + 72,000 1969 480,000 1970 330,000
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combat themselves, not just training Vietnamese. We encouraged participation of our allies. S. Koreans joined. By end of 1965, they dispatched 15,000. A substantial number are combat forces, but not all of them. Since Feb, it had been policy of American gov. to engage in bombing non-ston (Rolling thunder?) End of 1965,escalation had become quite substantial. We were beginning to do things we had not done before. Ex: Agent Orange- Use herbicides against N. Vietnam crops. Also, against jungle cover, finding it easier to find N. Vietnam troops. 1966: Austria? Or Austrailia?, New Zealand, Phillipines, Thailand joins us Summer 1966: GB governor publically, formally dissociated itself from any foreign policy; French president said they couldn’t win with the finest soldiers, so US can’t win with draft soldiers. They weren’t going to assist either. June 1966-August 1966- complete access to aerial photography of what we had accomplished. Asked these people (47 military outsiders) to access success of the bombing program. September- reported that 1.5 years of bombing had not noticeably affected N.Vietnamese morale or N. Vietnamese military capabilities. McNamera took report to Johnson. Johnson, McNamera, and military leaders decided the outsiders were wrong. We just need to bomb a little more. Vietnam was during the draft, enforced in ‘66. All 18yr old males were required to register. If they were going to school full-time they could receive a 2s. Can’t drop class or fail class. You had to take and pass 15 semester hours each semester. 1A means you’ll be drafted. 4F means you’ll be physically unable to meet requirements. Johnson said
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History 9-30 - One 8.5 bluebook unmarked (not even name)....

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