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History 9-16 - (Body of Secrets Lecture 1969 US ICBM SLBM...

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(Body of Secrets Lecture) 1969 US USSR ICBM 1,054 1,510 SLBM 656 440 MB 520 140 Launcher Total: 2,230 2,070 Geographical Advantages (US: water; USSR: ICBM) MIRV- put multiple warheads on top of a missile SALT I- Strategic Arms Limitation Talks Circle Era Probability Leads in technology never last (where we left off) -- When both sides begin to MIRV weapons, it meant USSR would be able to put multiple warheads (10- 15) as opposed to US (3) b/c larger missiles. US and USSR come to agreement on first phase of SALT talks. One was offensive arrangement of ABM. Each side permitted to build 2 sites w/total of 200 missiles at both sites combined. Agreement was quantitative agreement. The qualitative issues of MIRVing any of those missiles was left out because nobody really understood what it meant. “National technical means of verification”- signals intelligence is how they agreed to monitor this (radio signals, satellites). Nobody could hide ICBMs. Problem: would not be able to verify MIRVing. We can’t find qualitative character of missile this way though. In US, Nixon says about SALT that there is no area in which the two countries have greater common interest in reaching agreement to greater arms control. Then, he claimed an agreement on arms control could allow us to do more. He claimed that eventually these arms control talks will lead to agreements on other issues. M. Laird and Admiral Thomas Moore made clear to Nixon and HIssinger they’d be happy to testify on behalf of SALT proposal if they’re given new weapons to play with. Trident SLBM- giant step forward in SLBM; gave us bigger, better, more accurate missiles. B-1 bomber- advertised to be unstoppable Opposition was a group of conservatives: (prominent opposition, big names)
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Senator Henry Jackson, Washington Senator and democrat. E. Zumwalt had been chief of operations Paul Nitze, a man who had originally been a negotiator on SALT team, but quit because he didn’t like the way they were going Their argument: USSR will MIRV every missile they can possibly MIRV. Because they have missiles that have a great deal of throw weight, they will probably be able to create 9,000 deliverable nuclear warheads. (By this time, US limited to 1,054 ICBM; USSR had total of 1,618) First Strike Capability- the worst case scenario; USSR will target our ICBMs, not our cities. They target it with four warheads. USSR delivers following message. You can launch SLBMs at us. We have some looking for your submarines. If you launch anything at us, we’ll destroy your city and world. You don’t
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History 9-16 - (Body of Secrets Lecture 1969 US ICBM SLBM...

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