History 9-9

History 9-9 - Cuban Missile Crisis o Beginning in summer of...

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Cuban Missile Crisis o Beginning in summer of 1962, USSR began shipments of material to Cuba Supposedly defensive military materials Soviets planned to bring in offensive weapons Brought in 40 missile pads and 24 medium range ballistic missiles (1,000 mile range) and 16 intermediate range missiles (2,000 miles range) 40 missiles in Cuba tipped with nuclear warheads, no one major US city was out of range; roughly about 1 megaton at this point; can destroy any city in the world easily o US worried that USSR is doing what was just described o Sept 13th- in the midst of deliveries of materials to Cuba, Kennedy held a news conference issuing a warning that "if any time the communist buildup in Cuba was to endanger our security in anyway or if Cuba should be an offensive mil base for the USSR" that he would do whatever must be done to protect the country o When JFK held this conference, he did not know that the first MRBMs had arrived and were prepared o 6 days after (9/19/62)- the director of the CIA gave his judgement to JFK that the USSR would not dare place missiles in Cuba JFK ordered increased aerial surveillance of Cuba o 9/21/62- director says that an informant gave info on missiles being placed in Cuba The director said that they didn't believe him o For the next 3.5 weeks, the US was more or less ignorant to the threat o 10/15/62-director brought photos taken by a U2 spy plane and they revealed the construction of the missile pads and placing of the missiles o 10/18/62-the USSR foreign minister Andrei Gromyko pays a visit to JFK and his Sec of State and D. Rusk (Sec) asked him if he was doing anything in Cuba and Gromyko said no and lied to them Supreme danger signal o 10/22/62- Kennedy asks major networks for airtime Gave incredible speech 89% of country watched Informs country of the missile threat Said that he would quarantine Cuba and sink any USSR ships
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History 9-9 - Cuban Missile Crisis o Beginning in summer of...

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