ANTH 1001 Notes Day 2

ANTH 1001 Notes Day 2 - f Homozygous situation that has two...

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ANTH 1001 Notes 2 Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) *(Need to know date for test) 1866 - Published the results of experiment (basis of first print of what is modern day genetics) Experiment- plant Long or Short, not medium…dominant gene; doesn’t mesh together Seed Texture: Pure Round (RR) X Pure Wrinkled (WW) = 100% round (1 st generation) 75% Round x 25% Wrinkled=wrinkled still present (2 nd generation) Crossed the Round ones and got 75% R and 25% W (3 rd generation) Crossed wrinkled ones and got 100% wrinkled (b/c wrinkled is recessive)- (3 rd generation) Punnett Square R R W Rw Rw W Rw Rw R w R RR Rw w Rw ww R R R RR RR R RR RR
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A. Principle of Segregation a. Genes occur in pairs in an individual. In the production of sex cells, the pair is separated. Each sex cell contains one of the pair of genes. b. Gene- a segment of DNA that codes for the production of a protein c. d. Genotype- set of genes that an individual possesses e. Phenotype- physical manifestation of the genotype
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Unformatted text preview: f. Homozygous- situation that has two copies of the same allele (RR or ww) g. Heterozygous- situation of having one copy each of different alleles (Rw) h. Dominant allele- expressed phenotypically in both homozygotes and heterozygotes i. Recessive allele- expressed phenotypically in only homozygotes B. Principle of Independent Assortment a. Segregation of one pair of genes does not influence the segregation of the other pair of genes i. Ex// seed texture: R or w; Stem length: T or s ii. RwTs x RwTs RT Rs wT ws RT RRT T RRTs RwTT RwTs ws RsTw Rwss wwTs wwss wT RwT RwTs wwTT wwTs T Rs RRTs RRss RwTs Rwss Geno Pheno RRTT (1) R,T (1) RRTs (2) R,T (2) 12 round, 4 wrinkled RwTT (2) R, T(2) 3:1 (same as RwxRw) RwTs (4) R,T (4) RRss(1) R,s (1) Rwss (2) R,s (3) wwTT(1) w,T (1) wwTs (2) w,T (2) wwss (1) w,s (1) There is more genotypic variation in a species than phenotypic variation...
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ANTH 1001 Notes Day 2 - f Homozygous situation that has two...

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