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Annotated Bibliography Presentation Rubric - Your power point should have a total of three slides: o Slide 1: Summary of literature review Key finding that are relevant to your research Your reason for studying this topic o Slide 2: Variables Describe the variables you will be studying Independent and dependant variables o Slide 3: Hypothesis What relationship do you expect to find among these variables Formal statement of your hypothesis(es) Other things to remember: - Each student will have two to three minutes to present their topic. - Have your presentations ready on the instructor’s desktop so that you don’t waste
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Unformatted text preview: time trying to load your presentation. Scoring: Content: (8 points)-Summary of literature review: o Relevance of information o Succinctness-Variables: o Definition of IV and DV in objective and measurable terms-Hypothesis o The hypothesized relationship between the variables is clearly stated Slides: (1 point)-Sufficient information on each slide- not overcrowded Presentation (1 point)-Pace of presentation-Clarity-Time management...
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AB_Presentation - time trying to load your presentation...

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