1615 equilibrium composition at 4000 k 1 atm x h2o y

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Unformatted text preview: mical reaction during this process can be expressed as FIGURE 1615 Schematic for Example 165. H 2O H balance: O balance: 2O2 xH 2O 2 5 2x x 2y 2z yH 2 w w zO2 wOH Mass balances for hydrogen and oxygen yield (1) (2) The mass balances provide us with only two equations with four unknowns, and thus we need to have two more equations (to be obtained from the KP relations) to determine the equilibrium composition of the mixture. It appears that part of the H2O in the products is dissociated into H2 and OH during this process, according to the stoichiometric reactions H 2O H 2O H2 1 2 H2 1 2 O2 1reaction 12 1reaction 22 OH The equilibrium constants for these two reactions at 4000 K are determined from Table A28 to be ln K P1 ln K P2 0.542 K P1 0.044 K P2 N nH2 N OO2 H 2 0.5816 0.9570 The KP relations for these two simultaneous reactions are n 2 K P1 K P2 where O N nH22O H OH N nH2 N OH H 2 a a P nH b N total 2 nO2 nH2O n n O N HH22O P nH b N total 2 nOH nH2O N total N H2O N H2 N O2 N OH x y z w Substituting yields 0.5816 0.9570 1y2 1z2 1>2 a x x 1w2 1y2 1>2 a x x 1 y 1 y z z w b 1>2 (3)...
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