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Unformatted text preview: ercent of H2 dissociates into H when the temperature is raised to 3535 K. If the temperature is increased further, the percentage of H2 that dissociates into H will also increase. A double arrow is used in equilibrium equations as an indication that a chemical reaction does not stop when chemical equilibrium is established; rather, it proceeds in both directions at the same rate. That is, at equilibrium, the reactants are depleted at exactly the same rate as they are replenished from the products by the reverse reaction. 163 SOME REMARKS ABOUT THE KP OF IDEAL-GAS MIXTURES In the last section we developed three equivalent expressions for the equilibrium constant KP of reacting ideal-gas mixtures: Eq. 1613, which expresses KP in terms of partial pressures; Eq. 1614, which expresses KP in terms of the standard-state Gibbs function change G*(T); and Eq. 1615, which expresses KP in terms of the number of moles of the components. All three relations are equivalent, but sometimes one is more convenient to use...
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