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Unformatted text preview: position. 164 CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUM FOR SIMULTANEOUS REACTIONS Composition: CO2, CO, O2, O No. of components: 4 No. of elements: 2 No. of Kp relations needed: 4 2 = 2 FIGURE 1614 The number of KP relations needed to determine the equilibrium composition of a reacting mixture is the difference between the number of species and the number of elements. The reacting mixtures we have considered so far involved only one reaction, and writing a KP relation for that reaction was sufficient to determine the equilibrium composition of the mixture. However, most practical chemical reactions involve two or more reactions that occur simultaneously, which makes them more difficult to deal with. In such cases, it becomes necessary to apply the equilibrium criterion to all possible reactions that may occur in the reaction chamber. When a chemical species appears in more than one reaction, the application of the equilibrium criterion, together with the mass balance for each chemical species, results in a system of simultaneous equat...
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