5o2 h2o at 2000 k using a enthalpy data and b kp data

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Unformatted text preview: ed from Eq. 156, hR a N p 1hf N H2O 1h f N O2 1hf h h 2000 K h2 p h 298 K 2 H2O h 298 K 2 O2 a N r 1hf h h2 r h 2000 K h 298 K 2 H2 N H2 1h f h 2000 K Substituting yields hR 11 kmol H 2O2 3 1 241,820 11 kmol H 2 2 3 10 61,400 10.5 kmol O2 2 3 10 251,663 kJ/kmol 82,593 84682 kJ>kmol H 2 4 99042 kJ>kmol H 2O 4 67,881 86822 kJ>kmol O2 4 (b) The hR value at 2000 K can be estimated by using KP values at 1800 and 2200 K (the closest two temperatures to 2000 K for which KP data are available) from Table A28. They are KP1 18,509 at T1 1800 K and KP2 869.6 at T2 2200 K. By substituting these values into Eq. 1618, the hR value is determined to be ln K P2 K P1 hR 1 a R u T1 1 b T2 1 b 2200 K ln 869.6 18,509 hR hR 1 a 8.314 kJ>kmol # K 1800 K 251,698 kJ/kmol Discussion Despite the large temperature difference between T1 and T2 (400 K), the two results are almost identical. The agreement between the two results would be even better if a smaller temperature interval were used. 808 | Thermodynamics...
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