Chapter 16 what happens if gf gg obviously the two

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Unformatted text preview: at a mixture of saturated liquid water and saturated water vapor at 120C satisfies the criterion for phase equilibrium. Solution It is to be shown that a saturated mixture satisfies the criterion for phase equilibrium. Properties The properties of saturated water at 120C are hf 503.81 kJ/kg, sf 1.5279 kJ/kg K, hg 2706.0 kJ/kg, and sg 7.1292 kJ/kg K (Table A4). Analysis Using the definition of Gibbs function together with the enthalpy and entropy data, we have gf hf Tsf 503.81 kJ>kg 1393.15 K2 11.5279 kJ>kg # K2 96.9 kJ>kg and gg hg Tsg 2706.0 kJ>kg 1393.15 K2 17.1292 kJ>kg # K2 96.8 kJ>kg Discussion The two results are in close agreement. They would match exactly if more accurate property data were used. Therefore, the criterion for phase equilibrium is satisfied. The Phase Rule Notice that a single-component two-phase system may exist in equilibrium at different temperatures (or pressures). However, once the temperature is fixed, the system is locked into an equilibrium state and all intens...
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