Equation 1617 is an expression of the variation of kp

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Unformatted text preview: eans of calculating the h R of a reaction from a knowledge of KP, which is easier to determine. Second, it shows that exothermic reactions 1h R 6 0 2 such as combustion processes are less complete at higher temperatures since KP decreases with temperature for such reactions (Fig. 1616). | 807 Reaction: C + O2 CO2 T, K 1000 2000 3000 4000 KP 4.78 2.25 7.80 1.41 1020 1010 106 105 EXAMPLE 166 The Enthalpy of Reaction of a Combustion Process FIGURE 1616 Exothermic reactions are less complete at higher temperatures. Estimate the enthalpy of reaction hR for the combustion process of hydrogen H2 + 0.5O2 H2O at 2000 K, using (a) enthalpy data and (b) KP data. Solution The hR at a specified temperature is to be determined using the enthalpy and Kp data. Assumptions Both the reactants and the products are ideal gases. Analysis (a) The hR of the combustion process of H2 at 2000 K is the amount of energy released as 1 kmol of H2 is burned in a steady-flow combustion chamber at a temperature of 2000 K. It can be determin...
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