Ionization occurs to an appreciable extent only at

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Unformatted text preview: can be determined from Eq. 1615 (Fig. 1611). This treatment may not be adequate in the presence of strong electric fields, however, since the electrons may be at a different temperature than the ions in this case. 8. Equilibrium calculations provide information on the equilibrium composition of a reaction, not on the reaction rate. Sometimes it may even take years to achieve the indicated equilibrium composition. For example, the equilibrium constant of the reaction H 2 1 O2 H 2O at 298 K is about 2 1040, which suggests that a stoichiometric mixture of H2 and O2 at room temperature should react to form H2O, and the reaction should go to completion. However, the rate of this reaction is so slow that it practically does not occur. But when the right catalyst is used, the reaction goes to completion rather quickly to the predicted value. FIGURE 1611 Equilibrium-constant relation for the ionization reaction of hydrogen. EXAMPLE 163 Equilibrium Composition at a Specified Temperature A mixture of 2 kmol of CO and 3 kmol of O2 is heated to 2600 K at a pressure of...
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