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Unformatted text preview: at the entire bulk of the drink is in thermodynamic equilibrium with the CO2water vapor mixture. Now consider a 2-L soda bottle. If the CO2 gas in that bottle were to be released and stored in a container at 20C and 100 kPa, determine the volume of the container. Ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH(g)) at 25C is burned in a steady-flow adiabatic combustion chamber with 40 percent excess air that also enters at 25C. Determine the adiabatic flame temperature of the products at 1 atm assuming the only significant equilibrium reaction is CO2 1 CO 2 O2. Plot the adiabatic flame temperature as the percent excess air varies from 10 to 100 percent. Tabulate the natural log of the equilibrium constant as a function of temperature between 298 to 3000 K for the equilibrium reaction CO H2O CO2 H2. Compare your results to those obtained by combining the ln KP values for the two equilibrium reactions CO2 CO 1 H2 1 O2 given in Table A28. 2 O2 and H2O 2 It is desired to control the amount of CO in the products of combustion of octane C8H18 so that the volume fraction of CO in the products is l...
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