Lake 17c solution the mole fraction of air in lake

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Unformatted text preview: le 169. Pv Pdry air P Pv Psat @ 17C 92 1.96 1.96 kPa The partial pressure of dry air is 90.04 kPa 0.9004 bar Note that we could have ignored the vapor pressure since the amount of vapor in air is so small with little loss in accuracy (an error of about 2 percent). The mole fraction of air in the water is, from Henry's law, y dry air,liquid side Pdry air,gas side H 0.9004 bar 62,000 bar 1.45 10 5 Discussion This value is very small, as expected. Therefore, the concentration of air in water just below the airwater interface is 1.45 moles per 100,000 moles. But obviously this is enough oxygen for fish and other creatures in the lake. Note that the amount of air dissolved in water will decrease with increasing depth unless phase equilibrium exists throughout the entire lake. Hydrogen gas 358 K, 300 kPa H2 EXAMPLE 1610 Diffusion of Hydrogen Gas into a Nickel Plate Consider a nickel plate that is placed into a tank filled with hydrogen gas at 358 K and 300 kPa. Determine the molar and mass density of hydro...
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