Pv psat 15c 17057 kpa the mole fraction of water vapor

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Unformatted text preview: even though the air is assumed to be saturated (so this is the highest value at 15C). Therefore, large discontinuities can occur in the concentrations of a species across phase boundaries. 814 | Thermodynamics Air EXAMPLE 169 The Amount of Dissolved Air in Water Saturated air Pdry air,gas side ydry air,liquid side Determine the mole fraction of air at the surface of a lake whose temperature is 17C (Fig. 1625). Take the atmospheric pressure at lake level to be 92 kPa. Lake 17C Solution The mole fraction of air in lake water is to be determined. Assumptions Both the air and vapor are ideal gases. Properties The saturation pressure of water at 17C is 1.96 kPa (Table A4). The Henry's constant for air dissolved in water at 290 K is H 62,000 bar (Table 162). Analysis This example is similar to the previous example. Again the air at the water surface is saturated, and thus the partial pressure of water vapor in the air at the lake surface is the saturation pressure of water at 17C, FIGURE 1625 Schematic for Examp...
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