Solubility data for selected gassolid combinations

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Unformatted text preview: the mole (or mass) fraction of the substance in the liquid or solid phase is simply taken to be 1.0, and the partial pressure and thus the mole fraction of the substance in the gas phase can readily be determined from the saturation data of the substance at the specified temperature. Also, the assumption of thermodynamic equilibrium at the interface is very reasonable for pure solids, pure liquids, and solutions except when chemical reactions are occurring at the interface. | 813 TABLE 163 Solubility of selected gases and solids (from Barrer) (for gas i, r i,solid side/Pi,gas side) Gas O2 N2 CO2 He H2 Solid Rubber Rubber Rubber SiO2 Ni TK 298 298 298 298 358 kmol/m3 bar 0.00312 0.00156 0.04015 0.00045 0.00901 EXAMPLE 168 Mole Fraction of Water Vapor Just over a Lake Air 92 kPa Saturated air O,air side = 0.0185 1.0 Determine the mole fraction of the water vapor at the surface of a lake whose temperature is 15C, and compare it to the mole fraction of water in the lake (Fig. 1624). Take the atmospheric pressure at lake level to be 92 kPa. yH 2 Solution The mole fraction of water vapor at the surface of a lake is to be determined and to be compared to the mole fraction of water in the l...
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