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Therefore the concentration of air in water just

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Unformatted text preview: gen in the nickel plate when phase equilibrium is established (Fig. 1626). Nickel plate Solution A nickel plate is exposed to hydrogen gas. The density of hydrogen in the plate is to be determined. Properties The molar mass of hydrogen H2 is M 2 kg/kmol, and the solubility of hydrogen in nickel at the specified temperature is given in Table 163 to be 0.00901 kmol/m3 bar. Analysis Noting that 300 kPa 3 bar, the molar density of hydrogen in the nickel plate is determined from Eq. 1624 to be H2 FIGURE 1626 Schematic for Example 1610. r H2,solid side 10.00901 kmol>m3 # bar2 13 bar2 r H2,solid side M H2 PH2,gas side 0.027 kmol/m3 It corresponds to a mass density of r H2,solid side 10.027 kmol>m3 2 12 kg>kmol2 0.054 kg/m3 That is, there will be 0.027 kmol (or 0.054 kg) of H2 gas in each m3 volume of nickel plate when phase equilibrium is established. Chapter 16 EXAMPLE 1611 Composition of Different Phases of a Mixture VAPOR H2O + NH3 40C yg,H2O = ? yg,NH3 = ? LIQUID yf,H2O = 0.30 yf,NH = 0.70 3 | 815 In absorption refrigeration systems,...
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