We mentioned earlier that the use of henrys law is

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Unformatted text preview: as phase and the temperature. An approximate relation in this case for the mole fractions of a species on the liquid and gas sides of the interface is given by Raoult's law as Pi,gas side y i,gas side Ptotal y i,liquid side Pi,sat 1T2 (1623) where Pi,sat(T) is the saturation pressure of the species i at the interface temperature and Ptotal is the total pressure on the gas phase side. Tabular data are available in chemical handbooks for common solutions such as the ammoniawater solution that is widely used in absorption-refrigeration systems. Gases may also dissolve in solids, but the diffusion process in this case can be very complicated. The dissolution of a gas may be independent of the structure of the solid, or it may depend strongly on its porosity. Some dissolution processes (such as the dissolution of hydrogen in titanium, similar to the dissolution of CO2 in water) are reversible, and thus maintaining the gas content in the solid requires constant contact of the solid with a reservoir of that gas. Some other dissolution processes are...
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