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Stoichiometric coefficients the equilibrium criterion

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Unformatted text preview: variables associated with a multicomponent, multiphase system is given by the Gibbs phase rule, expressed as IV C PH 2 where IV the number of independent variables, C the number of components, and PH the number of phases present in equilibrium. A multicomponent, multiphase system at a specified temperature and pressure is in phase equilibrium when the specific Gibbs function of each component is the same in all phases. For a gas i that is weakly soluble in a liquid (such as air in water), the mole fraction of the gas in the liquid yi,liquid side is related to the partial pressure of the gas Pi,gas side by Henry's law y i,liquid side Pi,gas side H where n nC nD nA nB, P is the total pressure in atm, and Ntotal is the total number of moles present in the reaction chamber, including any inert gases. The equation above is written for a reaction involving two reactants and two products, but it can be extended to reactions involving any number of reactants and products. The equilibrium constant KP of ideal-gas mixture...
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