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scan0007 - Simulation I 4-9 displacements perpendicular to...

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Unformatted text preview: Simulation I 4-9 displacements perpendicular to these surfaces. We can use the F rictibnless Support condition to do that. We restrain the back surface also so as to prevent rigid body motion in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the plate. See the figure below. ; $3. Supports .. E . G “33%, Fixed Support E gfiigi, Displacement 4 '3, Remote Displacement = m .. ‘% Compression Only Support g s i if iii, Elastic Support « my. mmvawamwmwmmn mwlvm‘gvmowm‘a‘t‘mi‘ Figure 4—13 Displacement constraints. 14. Environment > Supports > Frictionless Support 15. Ctrl > Left click to select the three surfaces > Apply {Scoping Method iGeometry Selection 1 M i ,Ge metrv g3l=oces glst Dialinitiun rictnlessSupport .. pressed : Figure 4-14 X displacement constraint. Check your work by clicking on each of the items under Environment in the model tree to be sure the loadings and constraints are applied as desired. Or click Static Structural to see all of the constraints you have applied. If you find something wrong, just highlight the item in the model tree and edit it in the ‘Details’ box to correct the error, or delete the item from the outline tree and apply the condition again. ...
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