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scan0016 - 4-18 Simulation I Structural Error Type...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-18 Simulation I WWWmewmmmmmerwvmmmmw . Structural Error Type: Structural Error Unit: mJ Time: 1 sgstrzoo? mg m -; 0.00043991Maa ' 000039103 000034215 0.0002932? 000024439 000019551 0.00014654 9.??5?e-5 ' 4.33?92—5 142415.245 Min Figure 4-29 Structural error the 5 mm element mesh. During manufacture of a real plate the edges of the hole cannot be made to meet with a zero radius at the corner. It also may be that a specific corner radius is needed for the function of the part. Suppose for our plate the actual corner radius is 15 mm. Make this change in the ANSYS DesignModeler model of the plate or the solid modeler you are usmg. 15. Click on the Project tab. 16. Then click on the DesignModeler "MB file. ‘53 Working in DesignModeler we will add the fillet radius. Select Open copy. ' WNW-{MW WWW «aumwoanw wasz-mwfl Name T48 a Model El Static Structural ' 'fi'wew simulation I eumetry thion§V_\ ‘Solidlfiiudiiés' ' ' ' ' ' ' I I -' -' Copy of T48 ISLIrIface birdies-1 _. _ _ i ‘31? I Mum lied-hes. ' . ' - E Mode 2 Figure 4-30 Project tab View. www.m‘emwwmwwwwa. w. “a. m...” mm “W“. “mm We “WNWWMMMWWM ...
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