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scan0027 - 5-4 Simulation 11 nun-‘M New mAmWMm-wy Mm...

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Unformatted text preview: 5-4 Simulation 11 nun-vummvmnmmmpnmummmwwmmnm‘M New mAmWMm-wy Mm . mvmmmmmnw . m... Immunmw “av-mm...“ www.mfinnmv‘m Mm mmwmwv-mnmn 7. Solution > Stress > Equivalent (von Mises) Stress 8. Solution > (Right click) Solve Equivalent Stress Type: Equivalent {von—Mises) Stress Unit: MP3 Time: 1 6921200? 11:46 AM 189.62 Mai-I 168.88 148.13 12?.38 106.64 85.89 I55. 143 44 .39? 23.65 2.9114 Min Figure 5-5 Computed von Mises stress using the default mesh. We note in the figure above that the stress distribution is not smooth and uniform particularly on the inside corner fillet where the maximum values occur. The problem is symmetric in geometry, material properties, loading, and boundary conditions about the Y axis, so we would expect the solution to be also. We will manually adjust the mesh density to improve the solution. 9. Mesh > Details of “Mesh” > Advanced > Element Size > 10 mm Now solve the problem again. 10. Solution > (right click) Solve The new mesh and von Mises stress distribution is shown below. Note that the mesh in most locations has a least two elements through the 25 mm wall thickness. mm“ Wm wmk‘wvwwmm mm"... “was“ WNW... an..." V «WWW Meow“ M “new A . m... “”1“..qu “WV V. mammmw» mwmaymmm w 1 mm... WW ., .m,.mm.-F.-r;vik.—..— a- . ...
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