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Unformatted text preview: Wizards & Tools 6—5 ' - . ' AddIRemeve Properties .I 'l her/foal Expansmn I I: lternatlng Stress I _ l ‘ Tensile Ultimate Strength : aCompresswe Ultimate Strength’ I]. We Figure 6-7 Edit the material properties. We will not change any of these quantities but note the values of the Yield and Ultimate Strengths for the default structural steel. 9. Close the Engineering Data Tab. E; [Engineering Data] x The next item on the list of Required Steps is Insert Loads. 10. Insert Structural Loads. 3. . .2'525t3’UFtl‘lau-03‘l‘ Required Steps :Environment gainertial - a.thIads v $m5upports 1' Q‘Conditions v E Clickeachtaskbelewl‘orInformation '- " " - - ' -' ' " ' ' ' ' This analysis requires at least one structural load. Use either the Inertia or Loads menu to create a structural load, or define a non-zero displacement. $3 Insert Stress Analysis {% Selert Ecumetry I g tl'uerifiur Material [I a Consider Multistep Anaiysis ; a® Mesh $3 Consider Thermaltanditiuns ---?[:1 Static Structural v." -.,r:/'N Analysis Settings E} {)[fi Solution :1] Solution Information 3 @ Insert-Structural Results l Insert Struetural toads _ _. g5;- IhsertSuppnrts Figure 6—8 ‘Insert Loads” information message. Apply a —30.0 MPa pressure to each end face of the plate. (We’re using the whole plate this time.) 11. Environment > Loads > Pressure > Ctrl Left Click to select both end planes. ...
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