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scan0032 - Wizards& Tools 6-7 19 Solve ‘ Insert...

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Unformatted text preview: Wizards & Tools 6-7 19. Solve ‘ Insert Structural Loads i ff Insert Supports m] i" m “ - With the analysis fully definedJ use the Solve command to generate results. « Use the dropdown menu to Solve with specific process settings (eg. local or remote), or click the button to use the defauit settings. Configure Solve Process Settings from the Tools menu. To solve multiple analysesJ first select either the Model or Project in the Outline. 3 Insert Structural Results f: View Report Figure 6—12 ‘Solve’ information message. We get the solution status message and the rigid-body warning message as shown below. Overalf Progress. 7 Preparing the mathsastta' mafia-s: _ Stop Solution 3 Figure 6-13 Solution status. This model has no displacement constraints to prevent rigid body motion from occurring. To suppress rigid body motion, ANSYS Workbench automatically adds weak spring supports and issues a warning in the message box at the bottom of the screen. Figure 6-14 Rigid body motion warning. The Wizard menu is complete and we are ready to View Results. ...
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