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scan0041 - 6-16 Wizards& Tools 6-5 TUTORIAL 6C —...

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Unformatted text preview: 6-16 Wizards & Tools 6-5 TUTORIAL 6C — FATIGUE LOADINGS — DUCTILE MATERIALS Return to the problem of Tutorial 6A but now consider a fatigue environment for the ductile steel plate. 1. Start ANSYS Simulation, Open T6A, and turn on Simulation Wizard if necessary. 2. From Choose Wizard select Fatigue (see the figure below). L: Choose Wizard Wizards help you to work with I Fatigue-Analysts analyses “Shall“ the OUtllneg ' Determine life and safety factor for a Choose an DF'UD" bElDW '50 View - body or assembly under Fatigue the wizard that best fits your - loading. - - current analysis goal. A . y w Choose Wizard Stress analysis: find safety = 9‘ factors, stresses and defgrmafign 55391553155593“, , , _ , Click each task below for information. .1 Fatigue anainIs: finci fatigue life and safety factor {5- Insert Fatigue Analysis Q, Modal analysis: find natural 6% Select Geometry " frequencies and mode shapes fl Verify Material {fl verify Fatigue Data 17% Insert Structural Loads .Jt- Insert Supports. . Shape optimization: reduce Q yolume *5 Thermal analysis: find heat / transfer and temperatures Magnetostatic analyse: find a electric potentialJ fiuzar. density, torque and other results Find contact region type and formulation None of the ahoyeJ browse for ' at y' . I _ E raw Results t acustom wizard definition ' .3 . . . tfl’ “ -* Close this caliout ' ’3 View Report Figure 6-27 Fatigue simulation wizard. 3. Insert Fatigue Analysis #5: Insert-Fatigue" mall's“ ...
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