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fuel cell Memo - was used is still in it rudimentary phase...

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Memo To: Dr. P.S. Shiakolas From: Matthew Callesen Date: 6/15/2009 Subject: Lab #7 Fuel cell The objective of this laboratory experiment was to observe electrolysis and power generation in a hydrogen fuel cell, and deduce the efficiency. The experimental apparatus consisted of an anode and cathode separated by a proton exchange membrane or PEM. A catalyst was also implemented to accelerate the process. Several runs were conducted for both the hydrogen producing electrolysis procedure and the subsequent power generation. The power from the fuel cell was used to operate a dc motor, and the amount of resistance in the circuit was varied during operation. The test bench that
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Unformatted text preview: was used is still in it rudimentary phase, so some difficulties were experienced in the laboratory procedure. However, despite some problems with the experimental apparatus the generation of hydrogen through electrolysis was successful, as was the subsequent power generation. The theory behind the hydrogen fuel cell is that hydrogen and oxygen can be combined to create energy, and yield only water as en emission. This is a preferable to fossil fuels which generate significant pollutants after combustion. Unfortunately though the hydrogen must first be produced 1...
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