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Exam 1 Solutions - Exam 1 ECE3076 Computer Networks Spring...

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Exam 1 ECE3076 Computer Networks Spring 2009 Name: Section: 4 problems Total points: 50 Time: 80 minutes Be a smart exam taker: do what you know first, and show work.
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Problem 2 Problem 3 Problem 4 Total 1. (15pts) Choose correct answers from all 4 choices. For a certain questions, there may be more than one correct answer. (a) (3pts) Consider protocol layers (i) Application-layer and transport-layer protocols are implemented at both hosts and routers. (ii) Bits are transmitted over the physical layer. X (iii) All protocols provide physical connections among network devices. (iv) A message from an application is transmitted logically by application-layer protocols. X (b) (3pts) Processes running on two different hosts communicate logically through (i) Sockets X (ii) Application-layer protocols X (iii) Network Routers (iv) IP (c) (3pts) Consider datagram (packet-switching) networks and circuit-switching networks (i) Datagram networks can always accommodate more users than circuit-switched networks (ii) TDM provides fixed resources to individual users X (iii) Datagram networks provide the best-effort service X (iv) Traditional phone networks are based on circuit switching X (d) (3pts) Protocol such as HTTP uses TCP as the next layer protocol which (i) Provides reliable service X (ii) Provides real-time service similar to what UDP does (ii) Often uses port 53 at Web server (iii) Often uses port 80 at Web server X (e) (3points) Application architectures include (i) Client-server architecture X (ii) Network-core architecture (iii) Network of networks architecture (iv) Peer-to-peer architecture X
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Exam 1 Solutions - Exam 1 ECE3076 Computer Networks Spring...

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