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Midterm 1 - G then H ∩ K is a subgroup of G f Any two...

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MATH 113 - S2 MID-TERM 1 1. (6 pts, 1 pt each) Answer True (T) or False (F). You do not need to write your reasoning in your answer book. a) The associative law holds in every group. b) The commutative law holds in every group. c) Every cyclic group is abelian. d) An infinite cyclic group has exactly one generator. e) If H,K are subgroups of
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Unformatted text preview: G , then H ∩ K is a subgroup of G .. f) Any two groups of order equal to four, are isomorphic. 2. (7 pts) Show that if H,K are subgroups of an abelian group G , then the set M = { hk | h ∈ H,k ∈ K } is a subgroup of G 3. (7 pts) Write down the subgroup diagram for the cyclic group Z / 40 Z . 1...
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