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CHEMMIp3 - 1 whet is the charge on the cation...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. whet is the charge on the cation in {NHJ3P04? [4th Answer: +1 2. The name of the parent acid ef the chlflrite iDn is Eépt] Answer: chloreus acid. 3. Which of the measured numbers below hes the greatest number of significant figures? (291:: 0.3100 0.00310 310. 3.1 I 10:"1 0.000310 Answer: 0.3100 4. Which of the following is true? [apt] 31' 13 19 0 and F have the same number of neutrons. 0 El 1:0 14 1:1 . C and M are isotopes of each ether because thElI mess E: '5' numbers are the same. SJ 1n 2— 20 G has the same number of electrons as DRE. 3 l d] a and b e} e and e Answer: e} a and e ...
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