Con Law Sample Exam I

Con Law Sample Exam I - EXAM NUMBER Constitutional Law Exam...

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EXAM NUMBER: _________________ Constitutional Law Exam Number 1 Fall 1999 Professor Judges Instructions: Please write your exam number in the space provided on each page of this exam. You will have the usual class time (1:20) for this examination. The point distributions stated for each question are approximations to use as guides in budgeting your time. I reserve the prerogative to adjust the weight of questions that, on reflection, turn out to be real toads. Please follow the specific instructions for each set of questions. Read each question carefully!! Write your answers in the spaces provided on this examination. You may use the backs of pages as well if absolutely necessary, but I will not accept anything not written on the pages of this exam. This exam is a combination of short answer and multiple choice questions. I am looking for carefully thought-out, well-reasoned, and concise answers rather than lengthy ones. You need not cite case names in your answers, but you should be able to describe the important cases and their reasoning when appropriate to answer the question fully. Please answer only the questions asked. Answers that are non-responsive (i.e., that answer a question you would prefer I had asked rather than the one I actually did ask) will receive no credit. On the other hand, partial credit is available for each question. If you have a clue, by all means give it a shot. If you believe that you require additional facts or information to discuss an issue, you should make a reasonable assumption (tell me what you have assumed) and proceed. This is a closed-book exam. You may not use any extra-cranial materials. Remember: RDQ! When you have finished, please place your exam face down in the box at the front of the room. Then get out of here and go relax in whatever way safely suits you.
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EXAM NUMBER: _________________ Part I: Short essays (total value: 40%) Instructions : Please write a brief essay for each of the following items. Each is worth approximately 20 points . 1.
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Con Law Sample Exam I - EXAM NUMBER Constitutional Law Exam...

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