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Alaska Packers - contract for $100 Back on shore Dominico...

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Alaska Packers’ Assoc. v. Domenico 9 th Cir Ct of App (1902) J. Ross P. 327 FACTS: Domenico and friends entered in to a contract with Alaska Packers to work as deck hands and fishermen on a boat for $50 per person for the season. While at sea, Domenico and the others threatened not to work unless superintendent signed a new
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Unformatted text preview: contract for $100. Back on shore, Dominico paid AK Packers $50 in accordance to original agreement. Dominico sued and won at trial ct. Packers appealed. ISSUE: Whether a contract to pay a higher salary than originally agreed when entered into under threat of nonperformance is enforceable. RULE: (reverse issue)...
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