Alied Steel v. Ford Motor

Alied Steel v. Ford Motor - The worker filed suit against...

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Page: 162 Class Notes Case: Court / Date: Judge: Facts: Issue: Holding: Rule: Allied Steel and Conveyors v. Ford Motor Co. US Ct of App (1960) J. Miller Ford had an existing contract with Allied that Ford had originally designed with a provision that stated that Allied was responsible for the negligence of its own employees and Fords employees that were involved in working on the product that Ford had purchased from Allied, but the provision was marked “void”. Upon a later purchase by Ford from Allied the same provision was added on, but was not marked “void”. The contract also read: “This purchase order agreement is not binding until accepted. Acceptance should be executed on acknowledgement copy which should be returned to buyer.” Before such an acknowledgement was made by allied, an Allied worker was injured working on the newly purchased parts.
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Unformatted text preview: The worker filed suit against Ford and Ford filed suit against Allied. Allied claimed that the new acknowledgement form withstanding the voided clause had not been returned, so the provisions of the old contract held. The ct. found that Allied had actually accepted the agreement when it began work on the new purchase, and that the acknowledgement form was merely a suggested form of acceptance. Whether the suggested form of acceptance in the contract b/w parties was the only means of acceptance. Affirmed If the offeror prescribes an exclusive means of acceptance, an attempt on the part of the offeree to accept the offer by alternate methods does not bind the offeror. But, if an offeror merely suggests a means of acceptance, other means of acceptance are not precluded....
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Alied Steel v. Ford Motor - The worker filed suit against...

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