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Case Briefs John L. Kachelman, III ~ 1 ~ Aylett v. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Type of Action Complaint re: Fair Housing Act Facts Ms. Burris wanted to rent apartment from Aylett. Upon inquiry and discussion, Burris filled out application and subsidy forms and delivered them to the proper authority. After HUD inspection, the apartment was found in need of repairs, but in the meantime, the apartment was let out to another leasee when problems arose in determining repairs for the apartment to meet standards. Burris filed a complaint claiming that there were alleged statements that were racially charged and prejudicial against her renting the apartment. Procedural History Administrative Law Judge—issued initial decision dismissing all charges against Ayletts Secretary (Katz)—remanded case, instructed ALJ to allow testimony and credibility ascertained ALJ—dismissed all charges against Ayletts and son Secretary—reversed, vacated and remanded to ALJ for agency declaration and calculation of damages
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