Bankey v Storer - employment relationship of existing...

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Class Notes Case: Court / Date: Judge: Facts: Issue: Holding: Procedural History: Rule: Rationale: Bankey v. Storer Broadcasting Co. In Re Certified Question (Mich. 1989) Griffin P was fired by D for no apparent reason after 13 yrs of employment. P sued the D claiming that in the handbook he was given at the start of employment, it specified that a ‘cause’ must be evident for termination. D replied by stating that they had changed their employment policy to an “at will” policy two mos before firing him. Certified Question to the Supreme Ct. of Michigan from the Federal Ct. of Appeals asking, “may the employer. ..unilaterally change (its) written policy attachments by adopting a generally applicable policy and alter the
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Unformatted text preview: employment relationship of existing employees to one at the will of the employer in the absence of an express notification to the employees from the outset that the employer reserves the right to make such a change? Sup Ct. said yes, as long as company gives reasonable notice of the policy change. Whether or not P could sue based on an old emp handbook which provided for cause of dismissal. No. P can not sue b/c when emp changed the handbook, they lost the benefit of creating a pleasant work environment that the cause for dismissal policy was aimed at creating, therefore, eliminating the contract due to absence of mutual benefit....
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Bankey v Storer - employment relationship of existing...

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