Cirafini v Goffen

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Case Briefs John L. Kachelman, III ~ 1 ~ Cirafici v. Goffen 85 Ill.App. 3d 1102, 407 N.E.2d 633 (Ill. 1980) Type of Action Breach of contract Facts Plaintiff was visiting her dentist (defendant) and complained of ill-fitting dentures. During the exam, the dentist recommended that the plaintiff allow him to install permanent implants which he said would eliminate the problem and also allow her to be able to eat “corn on the cob” and other foods as natural teeth would allow. During the period she had the implants, they were loose, caused pain and prevented her from eating solid foods. Procedural History Dist. Ct .—found for defendant, probably claiming that contractual responsibility did not exist because of professional exception App. Ct .—Reversed and remanded for proceedings Contentions of Plaintiff Dentist explicitly guaranteed that the implants would give her the ability to eat all foods just as a natural set of teeth would insure—therefore the pain, loosness and prevention of such
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