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United Mine Workers v. Gibbs U.S. Supreme Ct. (1966) J. Brennan P.244 FACTS: Mr. Gibbs held leases with various mines and contracts with to haul coal for the mines. After a dispute with local labor unions, he began to loose his leases and contracts. Gibbs believed that his loss of contracts was due to a concerted union plan against him. He filed suit in the US District court of the Eastern District of Tenn. Gibbs filed two claims; one claim arose under the Federal Labor Management Relations Act and one was a
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Unformatted text preview: Tenn. state law conspiracy claim. ISSUE: Whether the District Court properly entertained supplemental jurisdiction of the claim based on Tenn. law. HELD: Yes, Pendent or supplemental jurisdiction exists whenever there is a federal claim that is directly related to a state claim and the federal claim has sufficient substance to confer subject matter jurisdiction on the Court under Article 3 § 2 of the Constitution. The state and federal claim must derive from a common nucleus....
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