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Vokes v. Arthur Murray, Inc. District Ct of App of FL 2 nd Distict (1968) J. Pierce P 363 FACTS: Plaintiff wanted to be a dancer. D owned a school of dancing. D repeatedly told P that she was getting better and had great promise, but needed more lessons. P spent a total of $31,000 on lessons and never got any better. P sued D for misrepresentation based on the deliberate encouragement made by the D for the sole purpose of making money. Trial Ct. found that there was no misrepresentation of fact and that the lesson contracts were not rescindable on the basis of fraud.
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Unformatted text preview: P appealed. Ct of app found that generally a misrepresentation had to be based on fact rather than opinion, except where there is a fiduciary relationship b/w the parties or if the parties are not dealing at “arm’s length”. The court found that the D had superior knowledge that he used to take advantage of the P and that he was required to divulge the truth concerning the P’s abilities and potential. ISSUE: Whether a cause of action for misrepresentation may be based on opinion and not solely on fact. HELD: Yes. RULE: see highlight...
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