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Williams v - defaulted on but also previous items Williams...

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Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co. US Ct of App Dis of Col (1965) p. 403 J. Skelly FACTS: Walker-Thomas sold furniture to appellants and accepted payment installments in the form of lease payments for the items until they were paid for. Once paid for they transferred the title of the goods. In the case of default, W-T could repossess. Not only could they repossess the item
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Unformatted text preview: defaulted on, but also previous items. Williams was on welfare, and W-T was aware of this, yet sold her a $500 stereo. ISSUE: Whether a contract for repossession is enforceable when the merchant is aware of a financial disadvantage of the consumer. HELD: Yes. UCC 2-302 says the inequality of a bargaining position exploited by a merchant is unconscionable....
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