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–1 1 Software Architecture •A im s : – To explain the role of software architecture in software engineering development process. – To explain and demonstrate key architectural styles/patterns » Pipes and Filters » Data Abstraction / Object-Oriented » Event-Based, Implicit Invocation » Layered » Repositories »… – To use one or two standard case-studies to compare and contrast architectural styles. – To introduce Architectural Description Languages and the role they play in reasoning. 2 Reading Materials Lecture notes Key reference, compulsory reading : An Introduction to Software Architecture, pages 1-22 David Garlan and Mary Shaw Available from course web page. Garlan and Shaw (CMU) are leading figures in the field of Software Architecture. The paper is a good summary of their definitive textbook: Software Architecture The other standard reference is: Software Architecture in Practice, Bass, Clements, Kazman No need to purchase either textbook. 3 Software Architecture • Software architecture is the software engineering activity concerned with designing and specifying the overall system structure . • It is concerned with: – high-level component organisation – protocols for communication, synchronisation and data access –pe rfo rmance – assignment of functionality to design elements – selection amongst design alternatives, … (Garlan and Shaw) • It is both a process and a product. 4
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Architecture1_6up[1] - Software Architecture Aims: To...

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