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CSE Page 1 9/2/02 Software Connectors Interconnection Models (IM) as defined by Perry Unit interconnection Syntactic interconnection Semantic interconnection All three are present in a system A Which is the most appropriate at the architectural level? Unit Interconnection Defines relationships between a system’s units o Units are components (modules or files) o Basic unit relationship is dependency ± UnitIM = ({units},{“depends on”}) Examples o Determining the context of compilation ± E.g., the C preprocessor ± IM = ({files},{“include”}) o Determining recompilation strategies ± e.g., make facility ± IM = ({compile_units},{“depends on”, ”has changed”}) o System modeling ± e.g., RCS, CVS ± IM = ({systems, files},{“is composed of”}) Unit Interconnection Characteristics Coarse-grain interconnections o At the level of entire components Interconnections are static o Applicable on only one of Kruchten’s “4+1” views Does not describe component interactions o Focus is exclusively on dependencies Applicable on implemented modules only Syntactic Interconnection Describe relations among syntactic elements of PLs o Variable definition/use o Method definition/invocation
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CSE Page 2 9/2/02 ± IM = ({methods, types, variables, locations}, {“is def at”, “is set at”, “is used at”, “is del from”, “is changed to”, “is added to”}) Examples o Static analysis ± e.g., detection of unreachable code by compilers o Smart recompilation ± e.g., changes inside methods localize recompilation o System modeling ± finer level of granularity than Unit IM Syntactic Interconnection Characteristics Finer-grain interconnections o At the level of individual syntactic objects Interconnections are static and dynamic Applicable on conceptual and implemented modules
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Lec06[1] - Software Connectors Interconnection Models (IM)...

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